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Yellow pansies (Click to enlarge)
Yellow pansies

Purple pansy (Click to enlarge)
Purple pansy

Different color pansy (Click to enlarge)
Different color pansy

Icicle pansy (Click to enlarge)
Icicle pansy

Pansy flowers come in bright colours like gold through to dark colours like blues which are sometimes nearly black. We have some beautiful pansy pictures as well as info on gardening pansies, pansy bouquets, plus others.

Pansy Flowers

The pansy or pansy violet is a cultivated garden flower. It is derived from the wildflower called the Heartsease or Johnny Jump Up (Viola tricolor), and is sometimes given the subspecies name Viola tricolor hortensis. However, many garden varieties are hybrids and are referred to as Viola × wittrockiana. The name "pansy" also appears as part of the common name of a number of wildflowers belonging, like the cultivated pansy, to the violet genus Viola. One or two unrelated flowers such as the Pansy Monkeyflower also have "pansy" in their name. Wikipedia

Yellow pansy flowers (Click to enlarge)
Pansy flowers

Pansy plants are quite a hardy one, growing well in sunny or partially sunny positions. Pansies are technically biennials that normally have two-year life cycles. The first year they only produce greenery; they bear flowers and seeds in their second year of growth, and afterwards die like annuals. More about gardening pansies here.

Pansy flowers can survive light freezes or a little snow, but not for very long. In warmer climates, pansies can bloom over the winter, and are often planted in the fall. In these climates, pansies have been known to re-seed themselves and come back the next year. Pansy flowers should be watered thoroughly about once a week, depending on climate and recent rainfall. For maximum bloom, use plant food about every other week, according to the plant food directions.

A raised bed in full sun is the best place to grow pansies. They need six hours or more of sunlight, then pansy flowers will perform admirably. There are two main types of pansies: clear-faced and monkey-faced. The monkey-faced variety has a dark blotch in the middle of the face. Pansies are available in a wide assortment of colors, such as, yellow, brown, blue, red, white, maroon, and orange, among others. The pictures in this site are just an example of some of the many styles and colors you could find pansies.

Pansies (Click to enlarge)
Pansy picture

There are more than 250 cultivars of pansies. Most of the cultivars are part of a series. A series consists of several cultivars that vary in color but share qualities such as hardiness, form, markings and so on. Some of them are Majestic Giant, Medallion, Imperial, Jolly Joker, Crystal Bowl, Maxim, Padparadja, Universal, and Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. Blue pansies can be found on Crystal Bowl, Delta, Maxim and Imperial series of pansy flowers, while red pansies are very common on Bingo, Delta, Karma, Fama and Majestic Giants. Jolly Joker pansies are velvety purple with an orange face. Antique Shades is a mix of unique colors from apricot to rose.

PansiesPansies - Pansies are cultivated garden flowers. They are derived from the wildflower called the Heartseas and raised in different colors. The pansy gets its name from the French word pensée meaning "thought".

Pansy PicturesPictures - We've gathered here some pansy pictures. Different colors of pansy flowers: red, blue, yellow pansies, icicle, growing pansies and more pictures, also links with some information about pansies.

Gardening PansiesGardening Pansies - Gardening pansies are increasing possible due to its ease of growing. Whether grown from seed or bedding plants, pansies are relatively disease and pest free. Check suggestions on gardening pansies here.

Pansy BouquetsPansy Bouquets - Looking for pansy bouquets? Pansies are adaptable small, charming plants. At any time of the year, pansy flowers will be blooming prolifically outdoors. The Swiss Giant pansy is a good choice for pansy bouquets.

Red PansiesRed Pansies - Red pansies are one type of the several kind of colors pansy flowers could be found. Check pictures of red pansies and also links with more on pansy plants.

Icicle PansiesIcicle Pansies - Icicle pansies are selected for their ability to overwinter when planted in the fall. Bred for cold climates, these pansy flowers will survive the harshest winters.

Care of Pansy FlowersPansy Care - Suggestions about care of pansy flowers. When you decide to plant pansies you need to be care about some questions regarding the pansy flowers maintenance.

Blue PansyBlue Pansy - For gardeners who prefer blue flowers, the blue pansy is without peer in the range of blue colors, from pale sky blue to deep royal blue. Check pictures and links here.

Growing PansiesGrowing Pansies - Check here information about growing pansies. The different stages in growing process of pansy plants. Also check pictures and links with more information about pansy gardening.

Planting PansiesPlanting Pansies - Want to plant pansies? Here are some suggestions about planting pansies, how to get succes in the planting and growing process of pansies, taking care of pansy plants and also pictures.

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Wikipedia - Additional information about pansy flowers and pansy plants, different colors (red, blue, orange, purple pansies), pictures of pansies, anatomy, diseases, pests and also pansies in arts and culture.

Texas Cooperative Extension TAMU - "Colorful Pansies: Plant Them Now!" an article about how to select and buy pansy flowers. Gardening pansies, red, blue, purple and other colors of pansies, also some pictures of pansies. - Step by step instructions on gardening pansy flowers.

Flowers - Pansy pictures. Photos of yellow, red, blue, purple, dark, orange and white pansies.

Harris Seeds - Buy some pansies seeds here. Red, blue and other color of pansy flowers, solid colors or mixes. Online orders, shipping services to US.

Find Articles - An article by Louis Trigg Chaplin with plenty of information regarding gardening pansies; planting, growing and care of pansy flowers.

Blue pansy (Click to enlarge)
Blue pansy

Red pansies (Click to enlarge)
Red pansies

Black pansy (Click to enlarge)
Black pansy

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